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A Brief Flirtation

1 hour £400

90 minutes £500

2 hours £600

For the discerning on a time limit. A quick drink at the bar before heading back to our room. A playful tumble between the sheets. An illicit lunchtime affair or a naughty nightcap.

A Relaxed Rendezvous

3 hours £800

4 hours £950

Recommended for new lovers. A relaxed date with time to luxuriate. Sparks flying across the dinner table as we bond over scintillating conversation. Until, inevitably, we yield to the temptation of dessert.

Spend The Night With Me

12 hours £1,800 

16 hours £2,200

When you simply don't want the night to end...

After dinner and a dessert (or two), let's curl up and unwind together. Wake up the following morning beside your very own Sleeping Beauty. 

An Unforgettable Escapade

24 hours £2,600

48 hours £4,000

A mid-week interlude or a weekend escape - whenever, wherever (we're meant to be together).

From exploring the city's exciting offerings, to connecting with nature in the vast countryside, I'll be there (and you'll be near).

Half a Day of Pleasure

6 hours £1,350

8 hours £1,600

Fancy taking a cooking class together, attending a creative workshop, or strolling through the botanic gardens? Or perhaps a light dim sum lunch followed by an invigorating couples massage? Behind closed doors, we can work out each other's knots.

An Idyllic Arrangement

3 month minimum

Keen to see me on a regular basis and free yourself of the pay-per-date admin? Become part of my exclusive inner circle and allow me to prioritise our time together.

Available to suitors I have an established connection with.

UK Touring Rates

A Brief Flirtation                               1 - 2 hours   |   £250 - £480

A Relaxed Rendezvous                    3 - 5 hours   |   £680 - £1,000

Half a Day of Pleasure                      6 - 8 hours   |   £1,200 - £1,500

Spend The Night With Me          12 - 16 hours   |   £1,600 - £2,000

An Unforgettable Escapade        24 - 48 hours   |   £2,500 - £3,800  

Kiss Me Through The Phone

Texting           30 mins  |  £60   (+£12 for content*) 

Phone call      30 mins  |  £85

Video call*     30 mins  |  £100

Perfect for getting to know me before we meet in person- or teasing you in-between dates. Quotes for longer engagements are provided upon request.

*My face will not be shown to clients I have not met in person.

Consultation  15 mins | £35

Need to discuss our date in more detail? Let's hop on the phone.

Important Etiquette

• Dates of 4+ hours must include adequate meals and social time. Overnights must include 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

• All activities and travel expenses must be paid for. 

• Additional fees apply for couples, short notice, and out of hours bookings. 

• Sliding scale rates are available - please read my FAQs for details.

Suki Lee, an independent Asian escort in London, sits on a chair wearing nude lingerie.
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