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Meet Suki

You might have already seen me in the bustling streets of London, my sleek black bob weaving through the crowd. Perhaps you caught a glimpse of me on the platform, soft cheeks rosy from the crisp air, as I hopped onto the tube. What was it that held your attention? My quirky short fringe, framing an innocent baby face? Or a flash of inked skin peeking out from under my neckline? A tell-tale sign of deviance. Perhaps, you wondered if we'd ever cross paths again, if you could have the pleasure of my company.

This time of year makes me nostalgic for all the summers passed. I think back to my childhood growing up in the English countryside. When I was a little girl, I had a favourite cotton white dress embroidered with red apples. I used to love playing on the swing that hung from a sturdy sycamore tree opposite my house. I found pleasure in simple things: playing outdoors until sunset; making wishes on fluffy white dandelions; picking lush green broad beans and eating them straight out of their pods. I'm still a country girl at heart, in love with the sound of running water, leaves crunching underfoot, and the earthy smell that follows rain. I would love to cook you a delicious meal with ingredients fresh from the garden to the table.

Living in the city for nearly a decade has given me a taste of the delights and sins this world has to offer. As a strong advocate for a life brimming with pleasure and excitement, I'm always seeking new lovers with a lust for life. Show me your favourite spots around the city, or take me somewhere new. I'm the perfect dinner date or international travel companion - happiest when trekking through breathtaking landscapes, indulging in rich cuisines, and learning about diverse cultures.

Wherever we are, my wholesome charm is guaranteed to make your heart race. Some might describe me as an alternative escort, an acquired taste that grows on you with every morsel. Trust me, I'm incredibly moreish!


Far from your average girl next-door, or glamorous London escort, I'm an earthy and wholesome companion with a grounding energy that will put you at ease. I also have an insatiable naughty side- I'd love to introduce you to her one day. Whether you're looking for a classic girlfriend experience or a kinkier encounter, our time together will form memories which linger long after I'm gone.

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Age: Mid 20s

Height: 5'5" / 168cm

Dress size: UK 10

Bust: Natural A cup

Shoe size: UK 5 / EU 38

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: Several

Sexuality: Bisexual

Come closer

A luxury girlfriend experience

As an independent escort, I take great pleasure in providing an authentic, relaxed girlfriend experience that will whisk you away from the stresses and monotony of every day life. Like all of life's precious luxuries, our time together is best enjoyed without haste, with time to settle the nerves and soak in all the beautiful details as our chemistry unfolds.

I'm a softly spoken, sensitive, and intuitive young woman. I adore building genuine connections with like-minded people, bonding over delicious food, art, and cultural experiences.

The possibilities for our date are endless; stolen glances over a candlelit dinner; our hands brushing as we meander through a bustling gallery; comparing notes on period dramas; or speeding off into the sunset in a foreign country... 

After we've quenched our thirst for adventure out in the wild, perhaps we can explore each other behind closed doors. You'll soon discover that I'm a sensual lover, with a tendency to get wild between the sheets. 

Suki Lee x Mina Karenina 5.jpg


Your kinky Asian companion

My youthful, cheeky demeanour lends itself to a variety of roles. I look adorable dressed as an innocent schoolgirl, or a kinky housewife wearing nothing but an apron and heels. I am a diligent sub who loves being of service and making myself useful. I'll happily wash your dirty dishes, Sir.

 Taboo Roleplay

Need a perfect little Daddy's girl? Then look no further. My peachy bottom is irresistibly spankable, and my pretty little neck was made to have your hands wrapped around it. Call me a good girl and I'll be putty in your hands.


I'm a playful switch who loves embodying an innocent little girl just as much as a nurturing Mother. Mummy would love to take care of you and show you just how much tenderness she has to give. Or, perhaps, you'd like Mummy to be give you a firm hand and use you to fulfil her filthy desires. 

Mistress Suki will see you now...

My dominant side is not at odds with my sensual, nurturing nature. I provide a safe and caring environment to explore your deepest desires. Whether you're in the mood for body worship, pegging, or roleplay, I endeavour to create intimate and pleasurable experiences, unique to your needs.  


Do you have bad habits that need ironing out? I will train you into better ones, and gleefully punish your chaotic behaviour.


I'd love to tie my little one to a chair and feed you with a silver spoon. I promise I won't let you leave the table until you're finished.


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